AlgaeShield One Month Algaecide

  • $ 43.99


  • ONE Way to Prevent Algae
  • ONE Ounce per 1,000 Gallons
  • ONE Hundred % Guarantee
  • ONE Time per Month

An Ounce of Prevention
You no longer need to wait for algae to invade your pool. Prevent it with just one ounce of Algae Shield
® per 1,000 gallons, once a month. Most algae products on the market are made for use after an ugly outbreak of algae occurs. Algae Shield® actually prevents ugly green water.

Put Up a Strong Defense
The special formula of Algae Shield
® disperses evenly so that every ounce of your water is protected against algae. If there’s no algae present in the water, Algae Shield® stands guard. When algae spores enter the water, Algae Shield® is ready! It kills algae before it multiplies and becomes an unsightly mess in your pool.

Guaranteed Algae Prevention
Algae Shield
® comes with an algae free guarantee…so don’t wait for algae to invade. Prevent it with Algae Shield®!