Natural Chemistry Spa Defoamer (16 oz)

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Spa Defoamer provides effective relief from foam and sudsing. Its concentrated formula is designed specifically for spas, hot tubs and therapeutic pools.

  • Compatible with all sanitizers and spa surfaces
  • Specifically formulated for hot water
  • Instantly controls and prevents foaming and sudsing in spas

Note from the Pool Store: Occasionally any spa owner will need to use a defoaming product, however you should always investigate a root cause of foaming. Low calcium hardness is a great first place to check. If your Calcium Hardness is balanced, you may have an organic build up or too much of certain chemicals. Organic buildup can be rectified using an Enzyme based product, such as Spa Perfect, which will help break down the organic material, so the oxidizer/shock that you use can more easily burn the byproduct away.