Pristine Check 8oz

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PristineCheck® is a water prep that gets your pool, spa or swim spa ready for the introduction of PristineBlue®. It’s essential to backwash or clean the filter after the use of PristineCheck®. If your source water is high in calcium, we recommend an application of PristineCheck® whenever you add makeup water to the pool, spa or swim spa.

Application rate: For pools add 2 ounces per 1,000 gallons. Filter for 24 hours; then backwash the filter or remove and clean the cartridge.
Application rate: For spas add 10 milliliters per 100 gallons. Filter for 4 to 6 hours; then remove and clean the filter media.

Available in multiple sizes:

Large 64 ounce Bottle
Regular 32 ounce Bottle
Spa 8 ounce Bottle